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Reviews and such.

Reviews and such.

I always try to get these reviews posted around the fifteenth of the month, and I think this is the first time I’ve been late rather than early. Blame Camp NaNoWriMo, and check out Extemporaneous to see where I am with both it and my other writing. But if you’re just interested in the reviews and updates here, then keep reading!

The stories I reviewed this month were:

Yes, that is a slightly different list than I posted last month. That seems to happen every time, doesn’t it? This time, I realized that one of my previous reviews was in the wrong era. Because I want to keep things even (at the end of August, I’ll have twelve stories/series reviewed for each era), I skipped the Underneath Era this time and reviewed two Strong Enough To Break Era stories instead.

Speaking of those eras, I’ve given the entire reviews section a makeover. It’s in WordPress now, which will make it far easier for me to update. It should also be a bit easier to navigate. While I haven’t given up on my eras, the menu now has a drop down thingy, so that if you just hover over each era, you’ll see the full list of stories from that era which I have reviews for. That should save you a few clicks and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

So go check it out and read those reviews! And check back next month to see reviews of the following stories:

But before you go! I’m still working on the new content for next month, and I need your help!

There are a lot of tropes that get repeated in hanfic over and over again, and others have attempted to compile lists of them, but I wanted to make a list of my own. What are tropes? Well, they’re sort of like cliches, but without the negative connotation. They’re concepts, plots, etc that occur in lots of stories. They might become cliche, but they wouldn’t be written over and over if people didn’t enjoy them. So, when you think about hanfic, what tropes come to mind?

Leave a comment here, email me or send me a tweet about tropes in hanfic!

Another survey?!

Another survey?!

So, if you guys read my fic or follow the site on Twitter or Tumblr, you’ve probably noticed me pimping a story survey for the past week. That’s finished now, but I’m not done with the surveys. In fact, this survey was planned first, but because I’m weird, I launched the story one instead.

The entire time I’ve had this site, I’ve hoped that it would be a useful resource for hanfic fans, but most of the content has been created either based on other sites or based on what I wanted. Why, in three years, haven’t I asked what you guys want?! I don’t know!

But now, I am asking you!

It’s a fairly easy, if not short, survey, and I would really appreciate it if you guys filled it out. Thanks in advance 🙂

Click here to take the survey!

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