This is the articles section of the website. What’s here is a pretty wide variety of content that I felt was relevant in some way to people who read and write hanfic. Not all of these are written by me; in fact, anyone who wants can submit an article to be featured here! More on that in a moment. Basically, what you can find here is going to range from thoughts on the band and their music, to reviews of stories, opinions on trends in the fandom, and much, much more. Even if you know a lot about Hanson and hanfic already, you can probably find something interesting in this section.



Over to the left, you’ll find three options — Band, Fans, and Fiction. Each one features articles that fit into those three categories. You can click on the buttons to see all the articles in that category or hover over them for a drop down menu of all the articles, and select one directly from there.



If you’re interested in submitting to this section, there’s a little spiel over to the left explaining what you need to do. It’s pretty simple. Just fill out the contact form or send me an email. Simple as that. As for what’s welcome in this section, I only have a few simple rules.

1. Must relate in some way to Hanson, their fans or hanfic. That’s a pretty wide range.
2. No bashing of the band or their fans. You can be as opinionated as you want, but don’t insult anyone or call any fans out by name.
3. You must use decent grammar and spelling. I can correct a few mistakes but it’s nice if you save me the trouble.
4. Articles should be interesting; obviously, this is subjective. But if your topic has already been posted about here, it’s probably not worth writing about again unless you have something new to add.

That’s it. Pretty easy to follow, and I can guarantee that whatever you have to say, I will be interested in hearing it. No reason to be hesitant; I promise I don’t bite (unless you ask nicely).

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