Welcome to Thieves and Liars, the newest Hanfic awards site. The goal here is pretty obvious and straightforward -- to give awards to the best and most loved Hanfic stories on the web. Obviously this isn't a terribly original concept, but it's always fun. As with any award site, this one won't work without fan input, so please nominate and vote for your favorites. Who knows, you might just win something!
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All dates below are subject to change. Please check back for any alterations.

Nominations: September 13, 2009 to October 8, 2009
Voting: October 9, 2009 to October 23, 2009
Winners Posted: October 25, 2009

    Updates//October 25, 2009             
Winners are posted! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted nominees and voted, and congratulations to everyone who won. I'm really happy to say that this first round of awards was a major success, even with all of the internet problems I've been having. I'm hoping to run another round of these awards in the spring, so stay tuned for that! Again, congrats to the winners! Check out the winners page to pick up your banners.

    Updates//October 9, 2009             
VOTING HAS BEEN POSTED!!! Please click on the link above to vote for your favorites.

    Updates//Sept 15, 2009             
I just wanted to extend a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in their nominations! And to everyone reading this who hasn't, please go and submit your nominations now! Or you know, as soon as possible. As long as I get them. I think we can make this a success, but we definitely need more nominees. So keep up the good work, guys!

    Updates//Sept 13, 2009             
The site is officially open today and ready for you to send in your nominations! Please check back to see the progress.