This is the website for "Boomerang," a big bang challenge for hanfic. If you don't know what any of those words mean... well, check out the about page. Otherwise, you're probably only here because you already do know what this is all about. Eventually, all of the stories, mixes and art for this challenge will be archived here. For now, there's not much to see.


Neither I nor any of the other participants have any affiliation at all with Hanson, their family, 3CG Records or anyone else associated with the band. None of what is posted here is meant to be taken as a reflection upon who the band really is. Their portrayals in these stories are not meant to be slanderous or harmful to who they actually are. They appear in these stories as fictional characters, not as real people.

The stories on this website may contain questionable and potentially illegal content. Clicking any of these links is done at your own risk, although they are labeled to warn for such questionable content. No harm is meant by any of it and no profit is gained from it.

Finally, please remember that this is just all just for fun. It is a pastime and a hobby, albeit one that we dedicate a lot of time and work to. Please remember that what you read here isn't true and isn't meant to be portrayed as such. Also, remember that just because we write it doesn't mean we want it to happen. It's just a creative outlet and nothing more.


27 September 2010 The third story has been posted. Go check it out -- Sisyphus Rising by Aeryn.
26 September 2010 The participants list has been posted, and the first two stories have been added to the site. Go check them out now -- Ties that Bind by Beth and Changing the Mirage by Rebekah. Thank you so much to everyone who has participated and don't forget to check back during the rest of the week for more stories!