The End of Forever

Written by: Chelsi (journal)

Grown up and on her own, life has taken Penelope Hanson to Los Angeles, where she lives with her deadbeat boyfriend, works as a waitress in a small diner, and aspires to be an actress. Having left her home in Oklahoma the day she turned eighteen, Penny hasn't seen the majority of her family in two years. When she gets a phone call that her father has fallen ill, Penny catches a redeye flight to the life she ued to know to re-learn what's really important in life.

Chapter One: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Chapter Two: The World Keeps Spinning
Chapter Three: Playing The Blame Game
Chapter Four: With You In Your Dreams
Chapter Five: Finding Rhyme and Reason in the Madness
Chapter Six: The Sun Will Be Back Out Tomorrow

Art by: Nat (Feel This Way)

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by: Molly (Fractured Fairytales)

"Hard Rain" - Shout Out Louds
The words came like a hard rain / And your smile changed like a hurricane / Your breath smells like cardamom / And the words came just like a hard rain

"100 Suns" - 30 Seconds to Mars
I believe in nothing / not the end and not the start / I believe in nothing / not the earth and not the stars / I believe in nothing / not the day and not the dark / I believe in nothing / But the beating of our hearts / I believe in nothing / One hundred suns until we part

"Motherland" - Heather Nova
To watch you breathing is all that I can do / To see you smile, my only wish come true / I'm living, living for you / The waves roll in, I help you swim / You take my hand / And through the years and through the fears / I'll be your rock, the motherland

"Roads" - Portishead
How can it feel, this wrong / From this moment / How can it feel, this wrong /Storm.. in the morning light / I feel / No more can I say / Frozen to myself

"Simple Joys" - Beautiful Small Machines
But I'll sit real still, if you don't tell / There's a heartbeat in the wire / There's a soul caught in the beat / The veins, the feet / They all expire

"The Scientist" - Coldplay
Nobody said it was easy / It's such a shame for us to part / Nobody said it was easy? / No one ever said it would be this hard / Oh, take me back to the start

"The Waterfront (The Sinking Road)" - The Black Heart Procession
This is a sinking anchor that we hold so dear / were you worn out from the start cut out and never replaced? / you held at arms length / you so afraid / you by the waterfront / you still alive / you move away / you want to wash away what ills your heart / you stand by the waterfront never sure of your choice

"Strange Wind" - POE
Oh, I've got so much to tell you / I've been lonely, I've been wild / And when I see it in your eyes a wilder cry than even mine / I know something's hidden inside / Strange wind that cries

"Gone Away" - The Offspring
Maybe in another life / I could find you there / Pulled away before your time / I can't deal it's so unfair / And it feels / Yeah it feels like / Heaven's so far away / And it feels / Yeah it feels like the world has grown cold / Now that you've gone away