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This is the reviews section of PlaceToHide.net. In this section you will find exactly what the name says — reviews of all sorts of hanfics from throughout the years. The idea is to provide a variety of opinions from myself and other authors about the stories we’ve read. It’s just an attempt to create a dialogue — not to say that we have the last word about which stories are good and which are bad. Like everything else on the site, it’s all in good, hopefully informative, fun.

Please keep in mind that these reviews may often contain spoilers for the stories being reviewed. It’s never our intention to spoil potential readers, but it may happen in the course of writing a review, so please read with caution.


To navigate the reviews, click on any of the eras listed above (below the header). I’ve created these eras as part of my attempt to write a history of hanfic and I felt they were a good way to divide the reviews up a bit. Once you’re on any of the era pages, you’ll see the reviews listed alphabetically by story title, along with the author’s name, website link, an excerpt from the review and the reviewer’s name and link. Below all that you’ll see a “read more” link that will take you to the review itself.

Submitting a Review

Absolutely anyone and everyone is welcome to submit a review. The more opinions the better! I do have a few guidelines that I’d like for you to read over before sending a review in.

Firstly, here’s what should be included with each review:

1. The title, author and a link to the story.
2. Your name and a way to contact you — either a website, journal or email address.
3. The story’s genre (het, slash, cest and any other specific genre), the characters/pairings, the story’s length and whether or not it is finished and/or has sequels.
4. A summary or excerpt of the review. If you don’t include one, I can pull an excerpt out to use.
5. The review itself, of course.

I want to absolutely stress that your reviews need not always be full of glowing praise, but a negative review doesn’t have to be mean. If I feel a review is just attacking an author, I won’t include it. I also won’t include reviews that are overly short or uninformative. Take a look at some of the ones already posted to see what I’m looking for.

That said, I’m not going to be picky. I certainly don’t have to agree with the review. As long as you’ve put some thought into it and included all the relevant information, your review will likely be posted.

If you’re ready to submit a review, just send me an email or click on the “Submit a Review” tab at the bottom of every page. Thanks for reading and contributing.