Articles dealing with the stories we write and the online world of hanfic.

10 Helpful Hints To Improve Your Hanfic by: Renee P (website)
Hanson fanfic is a different breed of fanfic. Period.

The Genre War: Coexistence in the Hanfic World by: Flash (journal)
Instead of sticking with things they know they’ll like to read, they purposefully seek out things they hate just so they can tell the author how gross they are or how lame they are.

Of Underage Boys and Slash by Bethany (website)
The Hanson fandom might be expected to be even more immature about sex, given the equally young age of the boys. I think that had the opposite effect, though.

The Privilege of Writing Hanfic by: Renee P (website)
In our fandom, we use these main ideas sure, but since we’re taking real people and writing them as our own characters the possibilities are endless and unique.

The Problem With Real Person Fanfiction by: Nat (website)
What we, as Hanfic writers, do is strange. We take real people and write stories about them.

A Rose By Any Other Name by: Bethany (website)
In case you didn’t know, I’m a name nerd. A huge name nerd.

Watch Me Bleed: Why I Keep Writing by Bethany (website)
As far as I understand, what all those fancy Freudian words really mean is that fanfic writers have an overwhelming tendency to write about the deep and painful issues in our minds, in our subconsciousness. To write down to the bone.

Well, I Was Gonna Read Your Fic, But…: What Holding Your Fic Hostage Will Really Do by: Flash (journal)
Asking for reviews in a polite way is perfectly acceptable, it’s when you throw a hissy fit over not getting enough reviews that things get dicey.

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