The Privilege of Writing Hanfic


by: Renee P (website)

It is said that there are only so many original plots in the universe. Some people say there are 3 or 7 or 20 or even 36. They’re broken down into these main themes generally- such as pursuit, forbidden love, quest, ascension, adventure, etc. To me, this is vague when it comes to the real world of literature. They all make sense, but are not labeled as stereotypical in Hanfic.

In our fandom, we use these main ideas sure, but since we’re taking real people and writing them as our own characters the possibilities are endless and unique. We are confined to our realm as is our storylines which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So what is unique to us is most likely not seen as unique or original in literature.

To me, this is a great feeling a privilege if you will. We are able to create a world based on our favorite characters and turn it into something amazing. Sure, we have our own set of cliche’s and overused plots, but for the most part plots in Hanfic will always be original to us. Therefore, if it hasn’t been done in the 12+ years of this fandom than it is free to anyone willing to write about it.

Take your stories and run with them, no matter if they seem trite or predictable in the real world and write that plot you’ve had your heart set on. Because here there’s always someone who’ll want to read it and to them it will be brand new.