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Story Archives

While I’ve done my best, with the directory, to collect links to as many hanfic stories and sites as possible, there are always more disappearing from the internet every day. Luckily, a lot of us like to save copies for ourselves, to read and re-read later. I’ve been collecting these for a while and I decided that it really wasn’t fair to keep them to myself. So, here’s a list of the stories I have in my own personal archives, and a link to download them.

I may add more stories in the future, as I find them. If you have any requests, please let me know and I’ll try to locate the story/stories you want.

Antidote by Renee C
Avery by Ashley
Bittersweet by Renee C
Beneath the Waves by Heather
Beautiful Liar by Jesse-may and Renee C
Bittersweet by Taye
Blind and Waiting by Kaylee
By Appointment Only by Ivey and London
Calm Before The Storm by Celeste
Camp Pocono by Heather and Kristy
Catapult by Ella
Cliche by Renee C and Renee P
Confessions of the Forgotten by Heather
Dark Clouds by Bree
Deep Blue Heart by Barbara
Dirty Ego by Leigh
Drive by Renee C
Faded by Renee C
Fall Away by Heather
Fallen Down Angels by Heather and Kristy
Forever by Heather
Forget the Memories by Taye
A Girl Named Happiness by Heather
Guilt by Abby
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Hayley
Holy Scrubs by Eve and Leigh
Hush by Shelly
If I Cry by Heather
Journey Back To Normal by Kim
Lessons of a Laundry Mat Attendant by Mel
Look to the Stars by Leigh and Amy
Lucy and Taylor Trilogy by Heather
Orange Sky by Brittney
Out of Reach by Jesse-may and Renee C
Perfect Girl by Kaylee
Pretty Piece Of Flesh by Dusty
Regrets by Hayley
Retrospective Itch by Dusty
Set Aside by Taye
Slick Haze Mirror by Dusty
Spin by Renee C
Stray by Heather
Sunshine in the Shadows by Taye
Suspicious Minds by Taye
Through This Glassy Surface by Taye
To Love Someone by Taye
Two Lanes Wide by Kaylee
When Finally Set Free by Heather


Please note: If you are the author of any of these stories and you’d like for me to remove yours, please send me an email.

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