Late-ish reviews

So, how many of you went Back To The Island? I saw quite a few of you there, and it was overall, a pretty awesome trip. It did, however, get in the way of my reviews for this month. But they’re finally done, and here’s the final list!

It may be a little sad how relieved I was to come home and find an Anthem era story I had been reading completed! And hopefully I will have one for next month as well. My tentative review list for February is:

Stop back here in a little less than a month to see those reviews! And let me know what you thought of BTTI :)

Happy New Year!

How has 2015 been treating you all so far? Well, hopefully not too bad, since it just started. For me, this is just another day of working on hanfic stuff…. which means the new spotlights are posted! They are as follows:

With done, it’s time to start on my reviews… which may be a little late this month. Don’t think I’m not dedicated, though; several of them are saved to my Google Drive for mobile reading. Like, say, on the beach? A beach in–you guessed it–Cancun! So if the reviews are late, you know it was for a good reason ;)

Last reviews of 2014!

Well, here we are. Very nearly the end of the fifth year of PTH! In even better news (for me), I’m getting new, unlimited wifi installed as we speak! For now, I’m posting this from the old wifi, but the new stuff, sans data limit, will be up and running very, very soon. And that means streaming music! Streaming movies! HANSON LIVESTREAMS!

Okay. Sorry. Getting control of myself now. You’re here for the reviews, right? Well, they are…

Unfortunately, there was no Anthem era story finished for me to review this month, but I’m hopeful there will be at least one next month. Either way, I’ll be reviewing:

Those reviews may be just a bit delayed, as I’ll be reading some of the stories from my phone… at the airport… on the way to Cancun! :D

Last spotlights of 2014!

This year has gone by crazy fast, hasn’t it?! It’s very nearly been five years since I launched this site, and in that time, I have spotlighted some fantastic authors, stories and websites. This month is no exception!

For December 2014, the spotlights are:

I’ve also updated the directory today and added the fantastic Diamond’s site, Mirage back to the hostees page, as she’s been revamping it. Check those out, and head over to Extemporaneous for an update on how NaNoWriMo went for me.

See you in a few weeks for the reviews!

New layout?!

Well, I didn’t plan on this, but I got really bored while home sick from work for a few days, so…

It’s new layout time! will be celebrating its five year anniversary soon, so I figured it was time for another facelift. What do you think??? I’ve cleaned up a few sections as well and made a few very small changes here and there.

After you get done checking out the revamps, head over to the Blank Page Awards. The tiebreaker is only open until tomorrow night, and then it will be time to announce the winners!

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