New reviews

I did say I wasn’t going to stop doing reviews, right? Well, I may be running a few days late, but I do have two new guest reviews for you today. In the future, I’ll try to get them posted a bit closer to the fifteenth of the month. This month, I just so happened to finish one of my own fics a bit after that, so I waited for Elizabeth to submit her review.

Anyway, the guest reviews this month are both by Elizabeth. She has reviewed Kindred 2: The Lawyer by Aimster and Kiss and Tell by yours truly. You can find both of those reviews under the Anthem era.

Check back on October 15 to see if I have any more guest reviews for ya 🙂 I’m still on a little bit of a reading break, although I am still keeping up with a few favorite in progress stories.

A day late and a dollar short

So, I guess I got a little too excited about having spotlights to post for September. So excited that I forgot to post about them here. Oops!

Without any further ado, the September spotlights are:

  • Author: Rhoda Nightingale
  • Story: Mad World by Katie

Those are some pretty good ones, if I do say so myself! So what are you waiting on? Go check ’em out.

End of an era…

That’s right, folks. It’s the end of my yearly reviews. The very last stories were…

There are also several guest reviews, as follows:

You’ll find the first two of those under the Anthem era and the last two (both of my story) under the Shout It Out era.

And that’s it. No more mad reading binges every month. It’s a little sad and even weird to know it’s ending, but I’m not done posting reviews. I will post at least one review every month, though I have tentative plans to take a break until January 2017. That all depends on what gets finished between now and then. Starting then, or possibly sooner, I will post at least one of the following each month a) my own review of a recently completed story, b) my own review of an older story or c) a guest review of a fic from any era. If you want to submit one of those guest reviews, you can always email me or fill out this form.

To wrap it all up for good, read on below the cut to see how I ranked these last 84 fics.

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August spotlight!

In spite of numerous personal problems that I really, really don’t feel like rehashing… I’m trying to keep things normal around here. The hanfic world, as usual, is my refuge and right now, it’s a pretty damn good place to be.

Anyway, the August spotlight is just one story, but it’s a good one that I know a lot of people are enjoying right now:

You are a drug and it is quick by Juliet

Enjoy that, and check back in a few days for some reviews, and don’t forget to check Extemporaneous for my most recent fic updates.

July reviews!

Yes, I once again skipped a month of spotlights. I hope things settle down soon and I’m able to focus on all of the updates to this site. But that hasn’t happened yet. For now, enjoy these reviews:

And of course, I’ll have a few more for you next month. The current plan is to review the following:

The plan is still a little up in the air, but one thing is certain. August will be the end of my last year of reviews. I’ll post a wrap-up of the whole thing then and let you know a little more about my plans moving forward.

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