We both know we could never choose <3
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Zaylor is a polarizing topic in hanfic. If you aren’t into it, you should probably avoid this post. If you are or think you might be, this recs list will provide you with the “essential” fics for this pairing. They may not always be the best, but these are some of the fics that in my opinion define the genre and should be read by everyone.


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No April fools here!
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As you may have noticed, if you follow me on twitter, I completely forgot to post the monthly spotlights yesterday. Oops! They’re here now and are as follows:

Enjoy, and check back in a week or two for the new reviews!


Review time!
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I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through these reviews, but I did! The plan changed a little bit from what I posted last month, thanks in part to my good friend Elizabeth finishing one of her stories so that I did have an Anthem era story to review. So the updated list of reviews is as follows:

Liz also provided me with a bonus review of one of my own stories, Darling, I Want To Destroy You. You can find that review listed under the Shout It Out era.

And now I’m back to the same problem I faced last month — there’s no Anthem era story for my next set of reviews. I am still a month ahead, so if none of the stories I’m tracking are finished between now and then, that’s okay. For now, the list of reviews for next month is:

That’s a fairly light load, since I’m also going to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo and attempting to compile another of my recs lists for you guys, in addition to all the usual monthly stuff I do around here. Speaking of which, I’ve made a few little updates to the directory to add new sites and fix some links that Freewebs and the Wayback Machine have dumped.

…and I think that’s all the news for today. See you guys in a few weeks!


In like a lion…
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…come the March spotlights! Okay, that’s not how the saying goes. Whatever. I’m just happy to be getting back into the hanfic swing of things. And so the spotlights for this month are:

I’m pretty excited about those, so go check them out! And if you haven’t yet, there’s still time to take a little survey about my fic ;)

As always, check back in a few weeks for the reviews.


New (and old) stuff!
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If you girls and guys can tear yourselves away from the Hanson news long enough to browse PTH for a bit, I have some news for you!

Like the title says, I’ve got some new and old stuff. The directory has been updated with some new and new-to-me links, bringing the total closer and closer to 4000. Feel free to browse around there, but before you do, check out the story archives (link over there on the left). I’ve added three old favorites, one of which I’m very excited to have found. Check the page out, but I’ll tell you right now what the stories are:

  • Dark Clouds by Bree
  • Hush by Shelly
  • Journey Back To Normal by Kim

Pretty exciting, huh? Okay, it isn’t Cancun or a MOE, but I’m still pretty happy ;)

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