New layout?!

Well, I didn’t plan on this, but I got really bored while home sick from work for a few days, so…

It’s new layout time! will be celebrating its five year anniversary soon, so I figured it was time for another facelift. What do you think??? I’ve cleaned up a few sections as well and made a few very small changes here and there.

After you get done checking out the revamps, head over to the Blank Page Awards. The tiebreaker is only open until tomorrow night, and then it will be time to announce the winners!

Reviews and news

First, before I get into the reviews, I want to thank everybody who has voted in the Blank Page Awards! We’re in a tiebreaker round now that will end on Friday, so if you could please go vote in that and help me untie the handful of ties, I would really appreciate it.

And now… the reviews! I think I set some sort of record this month. All but two of the stories I actually reviewed are different from the ones on the list I posted last month. Thanks to missing chapters, missing content and stories that just weren’t complete like I thought they were, a lot of things had to change. On the plus side, an Anthem era story I’ve been loving was finished and… is archived again! I didn’t review any stories from there this month, but I did add a few back into my overall plan. I’ve had a few questions here about how to access those old stories, and I’m happy to say that the links I’ve provided to them do work again!

Okay. With the good news out of the way, here’s the list of stories I actually reviewed this month:

And up for review next month…

And with my reviews done for now, it’s time for me to dive back into NaNoWriMo. See you in December!

It’s November!

Yes, it is! And that means a couple things:

One, you have just a few days left to get your vote in for the Blank Page Awards. If you haven’t voted yet, go do it now!!

Two, it’s NaNoWriMo time and new review time, so I’m going to be very, very busy for the next few weeks.

And three, it’s new spotlight time. My picks for this month are:

So check those out, vote in the awards, and if you’re participating in NaNo too… good luck!

Calling all nerds!

That’s not meant to be an insulting title, by the way. I fully admit that I am a huge nerd, and that manifests itself as a need to collect all kinds of (what I consider) fun information about the hanfic world. Some of that didn’t really fit into a page or article of its own. So I’ve created a trivia page for some of that. Some you’ve already seen in my names article, but some of it is all new. I may occasionally add more to the page, and I may not. But I thought I would throw it out here for those of you like me, the nerds, who will enjoy it :)

October reviews!

Well, as usual, I had to make a few little changes to my review plan, thanks to the issue I mentioned before with But the reviews went fairly well, and here are the stories I ended up with this month:

And unless things have to change again, the stories for next month are…:

I’ve also updated my Reading List to reflect the changes I’ve had to make to my schedule and list a few new and upcoming stories I’m reading or will be reading.

And don’t forget to head over to the Blank Page Awards to get your nominations in! I’m going to post a list of the nominees in progress today, and there’s just under a week left until nominations close.

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