July reviews!

NaNoWriMo hasn’t delayed these reviews… much.

The stories were as follows:

Next month, the last month of this year of reviews, I’ll be reading:

I’m not sure right now if there will be spotlights for August, so if not, I’ll see you again in about a month for the wrap-up of my third year of reviews!


Yes, the June reviews are finally here. I know, I know! And I can already tell you–July will be delayed as well. But more about that later. Here are the stories for this month.

I also have three bonus reviews, all by Elizabeth–Interwoven by Bethany, Pages Of Your Diary by Sammy and Ten Years And Muses by Madden Olivia. You can find those in the Shout It Out, The Walk and Anthem eras, respectively.

On the schedule for July, I have:

As I said, these may be delayed as well, as I’m leaving on July 2 for a little trip to see the boys we all know and love at Red Rocks! If you see me there, feel free to say hello :)

Announcement time!

I may have mentioned on twitter that there would be some new hostees coming to the site soon. Well, the first one is here, and I’m really excited to announce it. PTH and CeeCee’s site/forum, Original Fanficers, are merging!

OF will now be PTH’s official forum (something I’ve thought the site needed for a long time). It will help with promotion for the site as well as for fanfic authors in all sorts of fandoms aside from just Hanson.

We’re still getting everything settled, so for the next few days there may be some changes to the forum as we figure it all out, but don’t let that deter you from joining.

In addition to the forum, I will also be an admin on the OF Facebook page.

So go check it out and create an account to share your fic, talk about fic and so much more!

CLICK HERE to visit Original Fanficers, right here on PTH!

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