Mayday, mayday!

I’m sorry. I think my post titles just keep getting cheesier, don’t they? Well, regardless, it is May 1st and that means it’s time for a new spotlight! Yes, singular. I’m trying out that new concept this time and only spotlight one story, but with a little bit more in depth of a feature than I usually do. So, without further ado, the May spotlight is…

Brothers Keepers by Aimster!

Check back later this month for a review of that very story, along with all the rest of my reviews of course. I also have a few more new things planned for this month that I hope to get done, but with Hanson Day coming up in two and a half weeks, it’s anyone’s guess as to how much I will actually accomplish. Nevertheless, be sure to check back, and if you’re going to Tulsa, don’t be too shy to track me down and say hi!

Old news and new news

I don’t know how it’s taken me two weeks to notice, but somehow, I forgot to announce here that I have overhauled the spotlights section. It has bigger preview images and space to say a lot more about each of the spotlights. While I haven’t posted any new spotlights for April, you can look forward to more regular spotlights (though perhaps not always three per month) in the future.

This month, I’ve also updated the directory, bringing it up to over 4,200 links total, and added a few missing terms to the glossary.

And, of course, I’ve posted the new reviews. For April, the reviews are:

I also have one guest review this month! The wonderful Rhoda has reviewed The Innocents by Paola. You can find that review in the Shout It Out section.

And of course, come back next month for the following reviews:

News time!

Well, I’d say by now, we’ve all heard the big news, right? I don’t think many of us are surprised that there won’t be a new album this year, but I’m not so sure any of us were expecting an EP (in addition to the members EP) instead. Does this mean there will be an album next year or are they finally following through on that idea from way back in 2011 to not release ‘normal’ albums anymore? Who knows?! And what does this mean for fic writers?!

I’m hoping for more news at Hanson Day (Who else is going? My first time since 2012!), but until then, I’m going to assume that the Anthem era ends this fall and the Play era begins. Until then, though, check out the new updates to PTH…

Well, there aren’t many. Oops! It’s been a busy month, so all I’ve done is edit the tropes page. That’s not true, but my other update is still in the works, hopefully to be launched on April 1. And I promise it isn’t a joke! Of course, I’ve also finished the reviews for March, and they are as follows:

You’ll notice there are two Anthem era stories listed, meaning that I’m all caught up now. But in the time it’s taken me to get these reviews done, I’ve had a whopping five guest reviews sent in. A.M. London reviewed Bled Dry (by moi and Amber) and On The Road (by Galadriel). Elizabeth also reviewed Bled Dry and White Collar Crime, as well as Stay by Calla and Diamond.

Pretty exciting, huh? Well check back next month for these reviews:

So check back for those and some other exciting updates for April!

February updates!

First of all, happy belated Valentine’s Day!

With that out of the way, let’s get down to business. And I’ve definitely been busy lately! I’ve done a ton of work on the Hanson section over at, and I’m still working on it. It would be great if you guys added your input as well so that section isn’t just all me blabbering on. That’s fine for PTH, but not so much for the biggest multi-fandom encyclopedia in the world!

Over here at PTH, I’ve been working on the Writing Resources page, reorganizing it and adding some new resources for you. I know that page is still woefully incomplete, but it’s a little better now.

What else? Reviews, of course!

The stories for February were:

And the plan for next month…

You guys need to start finishing some stories so I’ll have some Anthem era ones to review! I’m kidding… mostly 😉

As always check back here soon for more updates. Hopefully I will have some spotlights for March and of course more various updates around the site.

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Spotlights and more!

It’s that time of the month again–spotlights time! But before that, I want to talk about something you may have seen promoted on my twitter and tumblr.

There is now a PTH newsletter! It’s something I’ve debated doing for a few years now, but finally decided to stop being lazy and do. It will come out once a month, on the first Friday of the month (debut issue out on February 5), and will feature updates from PTH, Extemporaneous and all around the web. Hopefully it won’t keep you all from coming here to get the news, but it will be the absolute easiest way to get all the latest hanfic news and updates delivered right to your inbox so you never miss anything.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, either click here or fill in the little subscription box over there in the right sidebar. You’ll get a confirmation email with a link to click on to verify your subscription, and then you’ll get the first issue on Friday.

After you’ve done that, check out the spotlights!

Check back in a few weeks for the reviews and some other fun updates for this month!

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