Some small-ish updates. Medium sized, really.

Bit of an update to the directory today. I added a new layout, which I think looks nicer. Hopefully you all agree. I also added quite a few new links, although quite a few are still broken for complicated Wayback Machine reasons that I hope will be resolved soon. So I do apologize if you click on any of those. Still, we’re up to 4283 links, if you count the ones that don’t quite work at the moment. Not too shabby.

Also, I wanted to remind everyone that it’s almost exactly four days until Wintry Remix sign ups start. NaNoWriMo starts just a bit over eight days after that, so it’s shaping up to be a pretty busy rest of the year. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

A review… and a challenge.

Not in one, though. Two separate things.

I’ve decided, at least for now, to post whatever reviews I have on exactly the fifteenth of each month. Once I get back to doing my own reviews, it could take longer to complete them, but I doubt that. And even though a few stories in series I was reading have been finished since August, I’ve decided to stick with my plan to be on a review hiatus until January.

But luckily my guest reviewers aren’t on my schedule. This month, Elizabeth has submitted a review of Kindred 3: The Musicians by Aimster. You’ll find that listed under the Anthem era.

Also, you may have noticed that I’ve added a new site to PTH. It’s a Christmassy, Secret Santa fic remix challenge. Because that’s not a mouthful or anything. It’s called Wintry Remix, and you can click that link to check it out. I know we’ve never done anything like it in hanfic before, but I think it could be really fun. Sign ups don’t start until October 27, so you still have time to give it some thought and maybe even finish a fic or two so that you qualify to participate.

Those are the updates for today, but I’m already brainstorming the spotlights. Check back for those in two weeks!


You guys, I really need a daily planner.

I use Evernote to help organize all my stuff for this site, but when it comes to the day-to-day to do lists, I’m really shit out of luck at the moment. I joke with one of my friends that I’m just an old lady with no memory, but it’s apparently not that much of a joke.

I prepped these spotlights way in advance, and yesterday something was really nagging at me, something that I knew I was supposed to do, but just could not remember. Well… it was the spotlights.

So, without further ado or delay, the October spotlights are:

Check back later this month for more updates that hopefully won’t be delayed!

New reviews

I did say I wasn’t going to stop doing reviews, right? Well, I may be running a few days late, but I do have two new guest reviews for you today. In the future, I’ll try to get them posted a bit closer to the fifteenth of the month. This month, I just so happened to finish one of my own fics a bit after that, so I waited for Elizabeth to submit her review.

Anyway, the guest reviews this month are both by Elizabeth. She has reviewed Kindred 2: The Lawyer by Aimster and Kiss and Tell by yours truly. You can find both of those reviews under the Anthem era.

Check back on October 15 to see if I have any more guest reviews for ya 🙂 I’m still on a little bit of a reading break, although I am still keeping up with a few favorite in progress stories.

A day late and a dollar short

So, I guess I got a little too excited about having spotlights to post for September. So excited that I forgot to post about them here. Oops!

Without any further ado, the September spotlights are:

  • Author: Rhoda Nightingale
  • Story: Mad World by Katie

Those are some pretty good ones, if I do say so myself! So what are you waiting on? Go check ’em out.

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