The past thirty six hours have been pretty rough here. Snow, ice, and the unsurprising power outtage. At some point during that time, a story I’ve been reading was finished. It might have been too late to make it into my initial review post, but I’ve added it in. Go check out my review of Stained Red and stay warm–I’ll be trying to, now that I have electricity and wifi again!

Updates! Reviews!

Well, things have been fairly quiet on the blog here for a while. There were no February spotlights, and that was partially thanks to my host going to shit and finally convincing me that it was time to switch. That took longer than expected, but now things should be smooth sailing. I took the opportunity to clean a few cobwebs out, but I doubt you guys will notice anything more than faster loading times and less server errors.

And now that that’s done, it’s review time! Here are the February stories:

So, yes, there were a few slight deviations from my plan, including the fact that my chosen Anthem story wasn’t quite finished in time. But I’m being optimistic and putting it on my list for next month, which also consists of the following:

Check back in a month for those, and hopefully in a few weeks for the March spotlights!

Late-ish reviews

So, how many of you went Back To The Island? I saw quite a few of you there, and it was overall, a pretty awesome trip. It did, however, get in the way of my reviews for this month. But they’re finally done, and here’s the final list!

It may be a little sad how relieved I was to come home and find an Anthem era story I had been reading completed! And hopefully I will have one for next month as well. My tentative review list for February is:

Stop back here in a little less than a month to see those reviews! And let me know what you thought of BTTI :)

Happy New Year!

How has 2015 been treating you all so far? Well, hopefully not too bad, since it just started. For me, this is just another day of working on hanfic stuff…. which means the new spotlights are posted! They are as follows:

With done, it’s time to start on my reviews… which may be a little late this month. Don’t think I’m not dedicated, though; several of them are saved to my Google Drive for mobile reading. Like, say, on the beach? A beach in–you guessed it–Cancun! So if the reviews are late, you know it was for a good reason ;)

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