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Essential Hanfics

Essential Hanfics

Last time I posted a recs list, it was focused on a polarizing subject — Zaylor. This time, I decided to be a lot more general and post about the stories I think all hanfic fans should read. These are the stories that to me define what hanfic is and are some of the best examples of it. They’re mostly fairly old, but still well worth checking out if you haven’t.

A lot of early hanfic was full of Mary Sues and written by young girls. One of the first great examples of what older authors could add to the fandom was the series made up of Walls and Roads. The stories could use a little editing, but they are still a fantastically heartbreaking take on the toll fame so often takes on child stars.

Two more early examples of stories that were full of suffering for Taylor are Holding Onto Nothing (and its sequel Divided We Fall) and The Quiet One. The former is possibly the first, or at least the best, “long lost twin” story, and the latter is not so much a tale of horror as it is the incredible bond between brothers.

Speaking of suffering, Zac Says Taylor Still Wets The Bed has plenty of that for all three brothers, along with international espionage and terror, and even a little bit of humor. The third story is unfinished the but series is still well worth reading.

The ultimate in unfinished stories, though, is one of the only hanfics to ever create its own fandom. I’m talking, of course, about Devil Angel. Slash may not be everyone’s thing, but this is still a great story. It blends teenage romance, hot sex scenes and even a (sadly unresolved) mystery.

So many of the greatest stories seem to be sad ones, and Lived is no exception. This time, it’s Zac turn to be the one to suffer, although the story mostly focuses on those he leaves behind. It took me years to get past the first few paragraphs without crying, but it was well worth it once I did.

For those who prefer their fic more AU than canon, Falling and its sequels will be right up your alley. With strong original characters, fantastic portrayals of very young versions of the three brothers and a plot ripped from an episode of Law and Order: SVU, this story has everything — including humor!

Speaking of humor, one story that has it in abundance is Catapult. The plot is nearly impossible to describe — Taylor’s spirit/soul appears to a girl he once knew while his body is in a coma… and they fall in love. It’s so much more than that strange summary, though, and so worth reading.

Because I can’t seem to get away from the angst, yet another fantastically well written example of the piles of suffering authors loved to heap on the characters around the turn of the century is Burn. It’s a long, painful ride, but so wonderfully rendered.

Lastly, a story that managed to pass lots of people by but which I think is still one of the best hanfics out there — By Appointment Only. Zac and Taylor as male escorts — do I need to say more?! It’s hot, sweet, funny and absolutely perfect.

There are so, so many other stories I could include on this list, but I’m stopping here. Feel free to comment and let me know what your essentials are!

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