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Cast your vote!

Cast your vote!

If you follow any of the various PTH social media, you may have noticed a lot of talk about the Hall of Fame. You can click on that link to see what it’s all about, if you’re not familiar with it. Basically, it’s just a carefully vetted list of the top twenty fics that define each Hanson era. Well, with the greatest hits album coming out in just a few weeks, it’s time to wrap up the Anthem era!

Just as I did for the Shout It Out era, I’m conducting a poll to see what you think are the top fics! With your help, along with that of the judges I’ve enlisted (more on them in the posts coming shortly after this one), we’ll be able to come up with a great list.

Read on for the instructions on how to make your vote count, and then do it!

1. Check out the list below the “read more” link to familiarize yourself with the candidates. The link to vote is located below that.
2. You may only vote once. Your vote can be edited if it needs to be.
3. You must vote for exactly ten stories/series. I know it’s tough, but it’s necessary to get the best results.
4. If a fic you want to vote for isn’t listed, double check that A) it wasn’t written before 2013 and B) it isn’t part of a series/a sequel to a fic that is listed. If neither of those is the case, select the last checkbox for “Other” and write it in.
5. Once you’ve cast your vote, please feel free to help promote the poll. The more votes, the better! The poll will close on September 8.

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July review!

July review!

As I said on Twitter earlier today, I know I’ve been really silent here lately. Things have been super stressful in my real life, and unfortunately, I’ve let it affect the fic stuff. Fic can be an escape, and it is a lot of times, but sometimes when the stress gets too far under my skin, too emotional… it’s tougher to turn all of that off, or to even effectively channel that into fic.

Anyway! Enough about my life.

I’ve got one new review for you guys this month–Lost Without Each Other by KT. You’ll find that listed under the Anthem era.

I hope to soon start posting MOE era reviews, too, but I don’t suppose we can declare this new era officially started until the greatest hits album comes out (last I heard, September 8). I hope that date is correct, because I’m using it to plan when and how to update the Hall of Fame. I will be posting more about that within the next month, and I also hope to have some spotlights for you next month! So stay tuned for all of that.

New year, new stuff!

New year, new stuff!

Happy new year!

As you all know, I always post new spotlights on the first of every month. This month is no different, and the spotlights for January 2014 are:

But that’s not all! Since this is a new year, I decided to add a bunch more new stuff. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve done over the last day or so:

  • Updates and edits to several pages, including crossovers, glossary, hall of fame, reading list and tropes
  • The full year of 2013 has been added to the timeline page
  • Hostees and affiliates are updated
  • New buttons and screenshots of old layouts were added to the site page
  • Medium sized directory update with several brand new links

Seems like there was something else… hmm… oh yeah! The new layout! It’s pretty similar to all the old ones, but the navigation is on the left this time, because why not? There are still a few things I want to tweak about it, so don’t be surprised if you come back in a day or two and things look a tiny bit different.

I think that’s it for this time, but I’ll be back in about two weeks with the January reviews, so come back then 🙂

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