Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

This page is an attempt to provide a listing of the biggest and most important hanfics of all time. These aren’t necessarily the best, but they are noteworthy. These are the most popular (and sometimes the most infamous) stories, the ones that broke the mold and occasionally created fandoms of their own.

Of course, some of these are simply my own opinion, but I did rely on other “hall of fame,” favorites and recommendation lists, as well as consulting lists of award winners. Many of my friends contributed their opinions as well and I want to thank at least a few of those — Aeryn, Alexis, Amber, Brittney, Crystal, Elizabeth, Flash, Jenna, KT, Misty, Nat, Paola, Rebekah, Tonya and no doubt a few others I’ve forgotten. Lastly, I want to thank the whopping eighty of you who voted in the survey for the SIO and Anthem eras.

While hanfic is too wide and varied to ever create a completely comprehensive hall of fame, I hope this list is something of a start and provides you guys with a decent overview of the biggest, best and most unforgettable fics out there.


Middle of Nowhere Era

Blond Over Blue
Close Your Eyes But Don’t Sleep
Holding Onto Nothing
I’m Not A Playa I Just Crush A Lot
Just Like You And Me
Kris and Cleo’s Series
The Manchester Trilogy
Nothing Moves At Midnight
Nothin’ But The Best
The Painters Trilogy
Red Candy
Return To Innocence
Tale of Three Brothers
Tulsa 71432
Violet’s Magick Saga
With These Tears
Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed


This Time Around Era

Angels Would Fall
A Change of Grace
The Cleo Trilogy
Devil Angel
Emotion Sickness
Kris and Cleo’s Series
The Life Isn’t Fair Trilogy
The Love Song of J. Taylor Hanson
More Than Anything Trilogy
My Father, Taylor Hanson
My Mother’s Obsession with Pies
Pretty Much Forever
Put Your Kingdom Up For Sale
The Quiet One
The Story In Your Eyes
Story X
Surrealistic Emotions


Strong Enough To Break Era

Always the Man
Bed of Lies
Deep Blue Heart
Distortedly Perfect
In Retrospect
Living Up The Ghost
Lovers In A Dangerous Time
The Moffson Tapes
The Naked City
On My Own
Parts of a Picture
Scrawled In Black
Social Stigma
Two Lanes Wide
The Vampire Trilogy
Zac Doesn’t Score


Underneath Era

Comfort Zone
The Consequence of Feeling
The Divorce
The Hanson Shoebox Project
Holy Scrubs
Look To The Stars
Lost Without Each Other Trilogy
Lucy and Taylor Triology
Oklahoma Living/California Living
Perfect Girl
The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
The Tempest Tossed
The You In You


The Walk Era

And With Each Mile
As Long As I Come Home to You Series
Beautiful Liar
By Appointment Only
Color of Love
Hate This Place
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Keep You Close
Kittens Are Either With Us Or Against Us
Los Perdidos
Love, Save The Empty
On The Road
Pages Of Your Diary
A Place Called Home
When It All Falls Apart
You Irritate Me


Shout It Out Era

The Album Series
Along For The Ride/Hitting The Blacktop
And I Waited
Avenues Series
The Breeders
Caught in the Sun
If I Fall
In Praise of the Vulnerable Man
The Innocents
Letting Go is the Hardest Part
Life Less Ordinary
The Listener
Pockets Full of Dust Series
The Silent One
Sisyphus Rising
Sweetest Downfall Series
Truth is a Whisper
Untying the Gordian Knot


Anthem Era

Bizarre Love Triangle
Black Balloon Series
Black Bird
Cherry Lips
Georgia Peach
Having My Baby
If Tomorrow Never Comes
The Kindred Series
Like Ashes Series
Loaded God Complex
Lost Without Each Other
Pieces Fit Series
Road To Nowhere
Salvation Series
Scream and Be Free
Some Kind Of Madness Series
Sonny Get Your Gun
Ten Years And Muses
White Collar Crime
You Are A Drug And It Is Quick


*Note: Some of these stories of no longer online or only available via the Wayback Machine. If chapters or entire stories are missing, I apologize. I’ve done my best to provide working links for every story listed here.

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