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No April Fools here!

No April Fools here!

Well, it’s nothing compared to Hanson’s news today, but I couldn’t let them get in the way of my big, first of the month updates!

As always, there are new spotlights today. This month, the focus is on:

  • Author: Aimster
  • Story: The Bodyguard by Team Zaylor
  • Website: RPS Fanfiction

I’m really excited about all of those, so hurry up and head on over here to check them out. You may notice that’s a slightly different url, and a brand new layout. Like the directory, I’ve converted the spotlights to WordPress. It’s all basically the same as before, but the author interviews are now posted like a blog, so you can click through them, viewing “previous” and “next” interviews. Other than that, the navigation is the same. So check that out!

What else is new this month? Read on to find out!

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