Here are the sites currently hosted here on PTH, divided up into categories. Visit this page for information on how to become one of them. Click on the images or titles to visit the sites.


Blank Page Awards
These awards were created to replace Thieves and Liars when I felt they had run their course. So far, there have been three rounds – Spring 2012, Fall 2013 and Fall 2014.
Thieves and Liars Awards
These awards, run by yours truly, had three rounds — Fall 2009, Spring 2010 and Spring 2011. I created the awards with the goal of being inclusive for all writers and genres and I think I succeeded at that. It was challenging and rewarding (pun intended).


Boomerang: A Hanfic Big Bang
With one session (so far) in late summer 2010, this is the first and only hanfic big bang. Authors signed up to write a story of at least 20k, with a fanmix and artwork as their reward. It was a difficult learning experience, and one that I’d like to do again with a few changes.
The Spark Inside
The Spark Inside is a challenge that Brittney ran from spring 2006 to spring 2011. The archives of it are hosted here now, although the challenge itself has ended.
Taking The Leap
This challenge was created by Diamond in fall 2011 to encourage authors to get outside their comfort zone and write something they’ve never written before. New genres, pairings and really unique stories were the result. A second round was held in fall 2012.
Wintry Remix
Wintry Remix is the first ever hanfic remix challenge, and it’s new for Christmas 2016. If you’ve ever wondered how another author would write your fic, or how you’d write theirs, this is your chance to find out!


My fanfic site. Most of the stories feature Hanson, with a few guest experiences by other celebrities. Stories span all genres — from het fluff to angst-fests to pure smut. Something for everyone! Stories include Loaded God Complex, the Sweetest Downfall Series and Truth is a Whisper.
Feel This Way Archives
Nat’s fanfic site. The site features her stories Damn It, Revelations, You Irritate Me and many more.
Itz The Box
Morgan Andrews’s fanfic site. The site features her series Forbidden Love and Petals of Time, plus many more to come soon.
Diamond’s fanfic site. The site features her stories Bizarre Love Triangle, Spin Me Around, Stay and more.
Lindsay Nicole’s fanfic site. Currently home to her Black Balloon series, A Scar Away and several oneshots.
Evelyn’s fanfic site. She chose the title Sidewalks because it conjures up the image of a safe place — which is how she views fanfic. The site features her stories On The Verge and Careful.
The Songbird
Ada’s fanfic site. Home to short and long Hanson fanfics, including Last Mile Home and Wildfire.
Yellow Walkie Talkie
An archive created by Stephen to host all the old stories you know and love from Club Albertane and the Taylight Zone. Includes many well known stories such as Conundrum, MMMCock and The Manchester Trilogy.


ZWH Fanlisting
A approved fanlisting for the one and only Mr. Zachary Walker Hanson. Run by yours truly.


Original Fanficers
Owned by CeeCee and moderated by myself and Kraftychik, Original Fanficers is a forum for fans and writers of all types of fanfic and original writing, too.


Before it Breaks
Hanfic story by Diamond and Jesse-may. Summary: When his marriage falls apart and he flees to New York City to escape his problems, Taylor Hanson feels like a lost and wandering soul. After a serendipitous run-in with someone from his past, it becomes common knowledge that he is missing from Tulsa and his world comes crumbling down again. Will his new life prove to be even more complicated than the one he ran away from? And will he ever truly find what he’s looking for?
Black Tie Affair
Hanfic story by Amber. Written for Don’t Judge A Book. The summary from the site: Zac Hanson is leaving his small-town life to attend college in New York City, searching for a new perspective. But will he get more than he can handle?

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