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Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary!

I had to look at my old posts on LiveJournal to be sure of this, but as I suspected, today is the three year anniversary of PTH! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, but it has.

I bought this domain on a whim way back in 2009. I owned a “personal” domain that hosted my hanfic and graphics and things, but I wanted something more Hansony. I’d tried to start another site with an acquaintance and it hadn’t worked out. When I saw that was going offline and I couldn’t reach the owner to purchase it for myself, I knew I had to quickly buy that Hanson domain I’d been dreaming of. Within a matter of about three days, was mine and I’d thrown together a layout for it.

It’s been through a lot of incarnations since then, bringing it to the site you see today. There’s still plenty of changes I could make and have planned to make, but I’m happy with how far I’ve come. I hope that you guys will always enjoy the site and everything I put into it to always keep improving it.

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