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Announcement time!

Announcement time!

I may have mentioned on twitter that there would be some new hostees coming to the site soon. Well, the first one is here, and I’m really excited to announce it. PTH and CeeCee’s site/forum, Original Fanficers, are merging!

OF will now be PTH’s official forum (something I’ve thought the site needed for a long time). It will help with promotion for the site as well as for fanfic authors in all sorts of fandoms aside from just Hanson.

We’re still getting everything settled, so for the next few days there may be some changes to the forum as we figure it all out, but don’t let that deter you from joining.

In addition to the forum, I will also be an admin on the OF Facebook page.

So go check it out and create an account to share your fic, talk about fic and so much more!

CLICK HERE to visit Original Fanficers, right here on PTH!

Last spotlights of 2014!

Last spotlights of 2014!

This year has gone by crazy fast, hasn’t it?! It’s very nearly been five years since I launched this site, and in that time, I have spotlighted some fantastic authors, stories and websites. This month is no exception!

For December 2014, the spotlights are:

I’ve also updated the directory today and added the fantastic Diamond’s site, Mirage back to the hostees page, as she’s been revamping it. Check those out, and head over to Extemporaneous for an update on how NaNoWriMo went for me.

See you in a few weeks for the reviews!



My January reviews are finally here, but first I have some huge news for you guys.

Yesterday, I received an email from a fellow named Stephen. Who is that, you ask? Oh, just the guy who hosted Yellow Walkie Talkie. Yes, that is a link. Yes, it is right here on PTH. He asked me to host the site’s archives, which haven’t been actively updated or online at all since 2006, and of course I said yes. How could I not?! If you enjoyed the old site, stay tuned, because he’s still moving in.

Now, it’s review time! This month, I reviewed…

In addition to those reviews, I’ve posted another review from Elizabeth. This time, she’s reviewed my story Love and Other Socially Acceptable Emotions, and you can find her review on the Shout It Out era page.

Check back next month for some hopefully more timely reviews of the following stories:

And don’t forget to come back in less than two weeks for the spotlights… if I get them ready on time :/

New hostee!

New hostee!

Hey, guys. No, it’s not time for the new reviews. I’m still working on those, and thanks to NaNoWriMo, they may be a bit delayed. But I have other news for you today!

A few days ago, Ada contacted me about hosting her fic, and of course I said yes. She’s still in the process of moving in, but you can visit her site The Songbird by clicking on that link right there.

So enjoy her site, and check back in a few days for the reviews 🙂

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