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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t know about you guys and girls, but it’s still freezing where I live. For the cheesiest holiday of the year, I thought I would give you a few stories sure to warm your hearts… and maybe a few other body parts as well.

*By Appointment Only — Starting out with something nice and steamy! This is one story I will promote until I’m blue in the face. It’s funny, sexy and definitely sweet and romantic, too. The idea of Zac and Taylor working as glorified hookers may seem odd, but I promise it’s worth reading.

*Damn It — A sweet little college AU with some humorous moments, some super sweet moments and one of the most adorable Zacs ever.

*Full Count — Zac as a professional baseball player? Why not?! Another cute, sweet and funny story about his relationship with the coach’s daughter.

*Glint of Heaven — A very old school but very sweet teenage romance set just before Hanson’s rise to fame. The protagonist, Clio, is just as fantastic as the story’s Taylor.

*Orange Sky — A sexy, smart, funny story. Chick lit at its best from Brittney.

Sorry for the slash and cest fans, but let’s be honest, those genres do angst so much better than they do fluff. But no worries — I’ll be back soon with a list of stories just for you!

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