New (and old) stuff!

New (and old) stuff!

If you girls and guys can tear yourselves away from the Hanson news long enough to browse PTH for a bit, I have some news for you!

Like the title says, I’ve got some new and old stuff. The directory has been updated with some new and new-to-me links, bringing the total closer and closer to 4000. Feel free to browse around there, but before you do, check out the story archives (link over there on the left). I’ve added three old favorites, one of which I’m very excited to have found. Check the page out, but I’ll tell you right now what the stories are:

  • Dark Clouds by Bree
  • Hush by Shelly
  • Journey Back To Normal by Kim

Pretty exciting, huh? Okay, it isn’t Cancun or a MOE, but I’m still pretty happy 😉

One thought on “New (and old) stuff!

  1. AHHH!!!!!!!! You found ‘Journey Back to Normal’!!!!! I have been trying so hard to remember the title of that story because I used to LOVE it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you!

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