Talk to me about hanfic!

Talk to me about hanfic!

Recently I had to reinstall Windows on my laptop. It was a sad day indeed, but I saw it coming soon enough that I was able to buy an external hard drive and save (the majority of) my files. Since then, I’ve been tediously sorting through all of them and reorganizing them into new folders. I happened upon a file with the highly informative name “Document.rtf” which contained some of my very first thoughts and ideas for this site.

I have clearly not followed through on my idea to post recs lists. Oops.

Also in this file was a list of topics for articles. Having been trying to think of a way to revive that section, I’ve decided to post the list and beg ask my visitors to please write me if any of these topics interest you to write about. And, of course, if you think of any topics of your own that you would like to write about. Here’s the list:

  • Character studies for the boys and the wives
  • Anything about your hanfic writing process
  • writing advice tailored to hanfic writers
  • Any pieces on being a fanson who lies outside the “norm” (gender, sexuality, nationality, race, etc)
  • Thoughts on crossovers
  • Other fanworks — vids, art, etc?
  • Mary Sue (and the elusive Gary Stu) in hanfic
  • Canon and AU in hanfic
  • Common plots and tropes in hanfic
  • Point of View in hanfic
  • Anything on the history of hanfic
  • If any of these strike your fancy, drop me a line to chat about it or just go ahead and write the article itself and send it on my way. I look forward to reading anything you guys come up with.

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