Belated happy new year!

Belated happy new year!

This is why I make to do lists, folks. Of course, it doesn’t work if you don’t read them and check every item off them as you go. And so I end up forgetting to post a notice here about my latest updates to the site. So, here are said updates.

First of all, if you haven’t been paying attention, I’m still strongly encouraging anyone with fic housed at LiveJournal to switch to DreamWidth. Assuming it’s working, what with the massive influx of new users now that LJ is 100% Russian, there’s an importer that will copy everything over to your new journal. I posted some very basic instructions here.

Secondly, here are the first spotlights of 2017:

You may have also seen me posting about the “website” I featured this month. It’s a survey I’m conducting about common tropes and things in hanfic. It also has some demographic questions, because I think it’s been a good decade since anyone tried to gather that sort of info about our fandom. It will run through the month, but why wait?

Now that this belated post has been made, check back in a week or so for my first reviews of the new year.

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