April showers!

April showers!

Or something like that. I’ve been pretty busy this month, between NaNoWriMo and various things in my personal and professional life. So while I’ve had my review for this month done for a few days, I forgot to post it yesterday as I had planned.

In any case, it’s posted now. You can read my review of Barfight by Steps in the Underneath era section.

I also have a guest review this time. Elizabeth has continued reading and reviewing Aimster’s latest series, and you’ll find her review of Kindred 9: The Twins by Aimster in the Anthem era section.

Check back in a few weeks for new spotlights (I hope) and in a month for more reviews! I hope we’ll be starting the MOE era soon, and if so, there will be even more news here on the site. So keep an eye out for that as well, as soon as they give us a release date.

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