Meet the judges!

Meet the judges!

Click the read more link to learn more about the wonderful judges who are helping me with the Anthem hall of fame!

Bethany is a librarian living in Tennessee. She’s a writer of all genres, and although she’s been a Hanson fan off and on from the beginning, This Time Around is her album. Likewise, she’s come and gone from the hanfic scene; her first fics were written between 2001 and 2003, and she returned to the scene in 2009, never looking back since. Two of her fics are featured in the Shout It Out hall of fame, and several more are up for consideration this time.

Her all time top five hanfics are:
By Appointment Only
Devil Angel
Look To The Stars
The Quiet One

You can read her fics on AO3, DreamWidth and her website.

Crystal is an avid hanfic reader and a writer on the side (though she writes strictly for herself and mainly stress relief, so she never shares anything publicly). She resides in Anderson, Indiana and has been a Hanson fan since the very early days of ’97, when MMMBop was just a song on the radio and Middle of Nowhere had yet to be released. It also wasn’t long after those days when she first began reading (and writing…) her first Hanfics, so she has come across hanfic aplenty. Over the years she’s become a bit picky, but has always been a reader of het hanfic, and prefers the dramas, comedies, occasional rom-com, and a good thriller every now and then.

Her all time top five hanfics are:
Devil Angel
So, There Was This Boy…
The Tempest Tossed
Walls and Roads

You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Elizabeth is a celebrity blogger from Virginia. Although she knew of Hanson before then, she became a Hanson fan during the This Time Around era, and has been writing hanfic on and off since around 2004. She reads and writes virtually every genre, and several of her stories are up for consideration for the Anthem era hall of fame.

Her all time top five hanfics are:
Bizarre Love Triangle
By Appointment Only
Caught In The Sun
The Innocents
Sweetest Downfall Series

You can read her stories here and here.

Flash has been a Hanson fan since middle school when This Time Around came crashing into his life. He fell out of the hanfic world for awhile, but he’s been sucked back in with no regrets. He’ll read pretty much anything if he likes it, and he might just have to take a stab at writing some in the future.

His all time top five hanfics are:
Devils and Gods
Lessons of a Laundry Mat Attendant

KT is a musician, playwright, and composer based in Florida. She has loved Hanson from the beginning, but deemed herself a die-hard fan in 2004 with the release of Underneath, which is her favorite album. That was also around the time she started writing her own songs, and Hanson’s music and lyric writing have inspired her own composition for years. She began reading hanfic when Catapult was posted, and started writing it soon after. She didn’t begin posting her stories, however, until somewhat recently, and Anthem is the first era in which her fics are up for consideration for the hall of fame. She writes mostly het and angst, with a little gen thrown in for good measure.

Her all time top five hanfics are:
Devil Angel
The Kindred Series
The Quiet One

You can read her fics here!

Paola is relatively new to the scene, having become a Hanson fan in 2012. Shortly afterwards, she stumbled upon some Hanfics on Tumblr and was impressed by the quality of writing out there. Encouraged by the example of another English as a Second Language Hanfic writer, she decided to give it a try, too, embarking on her first (and still ongoing) story, “The Innocents”, which has won several Hanfic awards and is featured in the Hanfic Hall of Fame (Shout It Out era).

Paola reads all genres of hanfic, especially slash and AU. Her top 5 favourite stories are:
Audience of One
If I Fall
Look To The Stars
Songs Left Unsung
White Collar Crime

Paola lives in England and is currently writing the final chapters of the second book The Innocents. You can read her work here.

Tonya is a former teacher who lives in Georgia. She is an avid online reader of fanfic as well as original fiction. Her preferred genre is slash, specifically boy x boy stories. And with hanfic she is partial to Zaylor. She actually learned most of her Hanson history between 2012 and 2013. She walked the streets of Hansonland daily that year and enjoyed experiencing the making and promotion of the Anthem album. And, the Anthem tour was her first Hanson concert. Hanfic was Tonya’s first introduction to fanfiction, as a reader only. She now enjoys working as an editor for several current hanfic authors.

Her all time top five hanfics are:
The Divapants Series
The Listener
Loaded God Complex
Untying the Gordian Knot
Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed

You can follow Tonya at: tondada67 and adtomm85 on Instagram, or Tonya Duncan Adams on Facebook.

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