Cast your vote!

Cast your vote!

If you follow any of the various PTH social media, you may have noticed a lot of talk about the Hall of Fame. You can click on that link to see what it’s all about, if you’re not familiar with it. Basically, it’s just a carefully vetted list of the top twenty fics that define each Hanson era. Well, with the greatest hits album coming out in just a few weeks, it’s time to wrap up the Anthem era!

Just as I did for the Shout It Out era, I’m conducting a poll to see what you think are the top fics! With your help, along with that of the judges I’ve enlisted (more on them in the posts coming shortly after this one), we’ll be able to come up with a great list.

Read on for the instructions on how to make your vote count, and then do it!

1. Check out the list below the “read more” link to familiarize yourself with the candidates. The link to vote is located below that.
2. You may only vote once. Your vote can be edited if it needs to be.
3. You must vote for exactly ten stories/series. I know it’s tough, but it’s necessary to get the best results.
4. If a fic you want to vote for isn’t listed, double check that A) it wasn’t written before 2013 and B) it isn’t part of a series/a sequel to a fic that is listed. If neither of those is the case, select the last checkbox for “Other” and write it in.
5. Once you’ve cast your vote, please feel free to help promote the poll. The more votes, the better! The poll will close on September 8.

Addicted by Abby Young
Antigen by Crystal
Are You Happy Now? by Becky and Natali
Are You Listening? by Jess
Behind Walls by Cad
Bizarre Love Triangle by Calla and Diamond
Black Balloon Series by Lindsay
Black Bird by Sarah Irene
Blue by Aimster
Blue M&M’s Forever by Ellen van Looy
The Bodyguard by Team Zaylor
Brothers Keepers by Aimster
Canal and Bowery by Elizabeth
Cherry Lips by Bethany
Cricket by KT
Damaged Trilogy by Amy
Dance With The Devil Series by Elizabeth
Don’t You Worry About Me by Bertina
Ever Present Past by Bethany and Amber
Fly by Hailie May
Follow Your Heart by Galadriel
Forbidden Love Series by Morgan Andrews
From Conway To Tulsa by Morgan Andrews
Georgia Peach by Elle
Gravity by Bethany
Harper’s Ghost by Jenna
Having My Baby by Elizabeth
Heart on Fire by Calla and Diamond
Hearts Will Bind You by Elizabeth
Heavy Heart To Carry by Elizabeth
If Tomorrow Never Comes by KT
In the Dark by Bethany
Innocence by itzhanfic
Just Like A Prayer (I’ll Take You There) by Elizabeth
Just Your Last Goodnight by Elizabeth
The Kindred Series by Aimster
Kiss and Tell by Bethany
Lessons Of Truth by AM London
Life After Love by Sarah
Like Ashes Series by Bethany, Calla, Diamond, Elizabeth, Galadriel, Jaerie, KT, Lindsay, Tara Marie
Living In A Country Song by Elizabeth
Loaded God Complex by Bethany and Lindsay
Look at you by Nichole
Lost Without Each Other by KT
Lost Without You by Sarah
Love Somebody To Know by Earthyapostolic_1
Lust by Aimster
Mad World by Katie
Marriage and Other Dangerous Activities by Elizabeth
Miami by Aimster
Model Behavior by Ginger
Moonlight Mile by Amber
New Alcatraz Series by Aimster
A New Beginning by Galadriel
Nine Crimes by Elizabeth
Oklahoma by Bertina
On the Road by Galadriel
Other Than You by Selina
Our Glory Days by Bethany
Panic In The Streets by Abby Young
Panic In The Streets Series by Elizabeth
The Past Is Just A Goodbye by Elizabeth
Petals of Time Series by Morgan Andrews
Pieces Fit Series by Bethany and Amber
Ride or Die by Crystal
Road To Nowhere by Amber
Runaway Run Series by Elizabeth
Salvation Series by Calla and Diamond
Save Us From Ourselves by Amanda
A Scar Away by Lindsay
Scream and Be Free by Bertina
Second Hand News by Elizabeth
A Second Heart by Jenna
Seven Deadly Sins by Crystal and Olivia
Some Kind Of Madness Series by Calla
Sonny Get Your Gun by Abby Young
Sound of Light by Jess
Sound of Light Series by Aeryn
Stained Red by Elizabeth
Stay Series by Elizabeth
Ten Years And Muses by Abby Young and Charlotte
Tether by Aeryn
That Summer by Ina
This Is Macon Series by Kiki
Tiny Dancer Dust by Anonymous Lucy
Tragic Symphony by Alelubets
Trick and Tease by Elizabeth
Understudy by Amanda
Unexpected Beautiful by Becky
Up North by Anabel Ann
Use Me Up by TheUnexpectedBeautiful
Watch The Throne by Selina
We Were Meant To Be by Madison
Where We Belong by Bethany and Amber
White Collar Crime by Tara Marie
With You In Your Dreams by Amy
Would It Hurt by Nichole
You Are A Drug And It Is Quick by Juliet
You Can Hear It In The Silence by Elizabeth
Your Wildest Dreams by Elizabeth


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