Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

First of all, happy Halloween to everyone! I know it’s late, but I couldn’t resist. It’s tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday (Candy and costumes vs. PRESENTS?! How could I choose???) so I had to add a little something about it to the site. It’s just a small little graphic with a pic of the boys in their costumes from last year, nothing super special. Apparently the pic only shows if you view the full post, though. Weird.

The new content for this month is, hopefully, a little more special than that. So without further ado, the monthly spotlights for November are:

Below the “read more” link, find out what else I’ve added to the site this month.

As usual, I’ve updated the directory yet again. Nothing much new this time; just removing a few links that no longer work, a couple duplicates, and a few actual new sites. Still worth checking it out.

My NEW content for this month is a little article over there on the side, to go with the Intro, Glossary, etc. In the process of working on the directory and gathering up stories to review, I’ve made note of all the interesting crossovers I’ve seen. I thought it was worth writing up a little something on the trends and such in crossovers, and so there you have it.

Speaking of reviews, I’m still working on them. I’ll have more to say about this month’s stories around the 15th of the month.

I also want to say a little thank you to Krystal for her email a few days ago. I appreciate the updated links to her stories and the well wishes for the site. It’s good to know that my work here is appreciated, especially by someone who’s been in the fandom for years and made quite a name for herself and her stories.

And that’s it for now, I suppose. See you guys in a few weeks.

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