Big big big updates!

Big big big updates!

Yes, I know I’m early! But I had errands to run today, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get the last Big Monthly Update thing done. First of all, of course, there are new monthly spotlights! They are as follows:

Also, one of those spotlights, Lindsay is now hosted here at PTH! She’s still moving in, but you can read some of her writing now at Percipience.

What else have I done today? Click on the “read more” link to see!

Firstly, I’ve updated the directory with over 50 new sites. Well, mostly old sites. But there’s still some good stuff there!

I’ve also made some tiny little edits here and there around the site. Nothing major, just a few updates. That’s not what we’re really here to talk about.

As you probably know, if you’ve seen me promoting my survey and asking for help, I’ve been trying to overhaul the Hall of Fame page. Yes, it is its own page now. I’ve updated the Intro to Hanfic to include more information about some important sites and stories, as well as a section for the Shout It Out Era. It really outgrew itself, though, and I decided to also include a Timeline that will give you a good overview of everything that has happened in both the hanfic and the Hanson worlds.

And then there’s the Hall of Fame. Each era now has not ten but twenty stories. I hope these lists are the best I could possibly make them. I’ve been agonizing over them for months, and you can read a little more about my selection process on the page itself.

So that’s it. Time for a new album. Are you guys ready? I am!

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