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Hiatus :(

Hiatus :(

As anyone who checks this site for updates may have noticed… there haven’t been any for months.

I don’t like this, but I fear I’m going to have to make this an official hiatus. I’ll still be writing, for sure. I can feel my muses itching to get back to work after the flurry of activity that’s kept me more involved in my offline world than online.

The short story is this: Since February, I have fallen in love, fallen out with my best friend, performed in my first musical ever, and found out my mom has cancer. It’s been a rough spring.

I hope to be back with a vengeance by July, but I can’t really put a date on it. Nevertheless, I have every intention to be back then with some new content. I have some directory updates planned, as well as every intention to resume the monthly spotlights. I may even bring back the LiveJournal newsletter that I abandoned without a word in early March. And as I said, I will be writing. I need to get all this sadness and anger and frustration out of me, and the only good escape I have right now is the written word.

So this isn’t goodbye. It’s just… so long, for a while.

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