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Looking for your input. Yes, you!

Looking for your input. Yes, you!

See that “Intro to Hanfic” link over there on the right? See how it says it’s coming soon? Well, it’s been coming soon for quite a while now because it’s a huge, massive undertaking that I’m not sure I can really do on my own.

But damn it, I’m going to try.

However, I’d really love to have some input from my visitors and readers. There are two things I need from you guys to help me complete the page. You can reply here in a comment or send me an email, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

1. What would you consider the most important hanfics of all time? The ones that were influential and groundbreaking, and the ones that you just really really enjoyed. I’m looking to list stories from 1997 to the present, in roughly six “eras.” If you know when a story was originally published, that would be a huge help.

2. What are some of your memories of hanfic throughout the years? Where and how did you find hanfic to read? What trends and attitudes do you remember? How have things changed over time? I could rephrase these questions a dozen more ways, but I think you get the idea.

Anyone who replies will get a lovely thank you on the page once it is finished. I really, really appreciate everyone who helps me to fill in the gaps in my own knowledge of hanfic and make this page as informative as possible. In fact, I’d like to go ahead and thank Aeryn, Rebekah and Misty for contributing to the list of stories. And a thanks in advance to everyone who replies to this plea for help.

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