She lives!

She lives!

I know, I’ve been really quiet for the past… yikes, it’s been a month. I can blame both Tulsa and work for that, as well as personal bullshit you guys don’t care about. But I’m back, and I have some reviews for you guys to make up for it!

Thanks to a wonderful fellow fan for sending it to me, I was able to review In Praise of the Vulnerable Man by Abby. You can find that under the Shout It Out era, and yes, that link does point to a downloadable PDF of this classic Zaylor fic.

Elizabeth also contributed reviews of the last two (for now) Kindred series fics: Kindred 11: The Psychopath and
Kindred 12: The Family, both by Aimster and listed under the Anthem era.

That’s it for now, and you can probably expect me to go quiet again as Camp NaNoWriMo begins next month.

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