July review!

July review!

As I said on Twitter earlier today, I know I’ve been really silent here lately. Things have been super stressful in my real life, and unfortunately, I’ve let it affect the fic stuff. Fic can be an escape, and it is a lot of times, but sometimes when the stress gets too far under my skin, too emotional… it’s tougher to turn all of that off, or to even effectively channel that into fic.

Anyway! Enough about my life.

I’ve got one new review for you guys this month–Lost Without Each Other by KT. You’ll find that listed under the Anthem era.

I hope to soon start posting MOE era reviews, too, but I don’t suppose we can declare this new era officially started until the greatest hits album comes out (last I heard, September 8). I hope that date is correct, because I’m using it to plan when and how to update the Hall of Fame. I will be posting more about that within the next month, and I also hope to have some spotlights for you next month! So stay tuned for all of that.

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