Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Much like I just posted over on Extemporaneous, this has been a pretty blah year for me hanfic-wise and I don’t really feel like posting a big yearly recap.

Somehow, I’ve manged to put just the bare minimum effort to keep this site open. That really isn’t fair to all of you guys out there visiting–and my hit counter shows that, while visits have been slacking a bit this year too, there are still a lot of you. For such an amazing year for the band and their music, it wasn’t so great for me, an I hate that I let that be reflected in how I ran this site.

I don’t have any big plans to do anything new or different in 2018, but I promise it will be a better year! I’m working on some changes to the PTH tumblr, and have also updated the trivia and timeline pages right here. Check back soon for more… whatever that more turns out to be.

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