And the winners are…

And the winners are…

It’s been pretty quiet around here, huh? I have to apologize for that. Things continue to be crazy and depressing in all sorts of ways that make it really difficult to focus on hanfic things. But I have finally sorted out the Anthem era Hall of Fame. Before you head over to that page (link in the sidebar) to see who the lucky winners were, here’s some fun trivia about the hall of fame as a whole.

  • The Hall of Fame began in the fall of 2011 as part of the “Introduction to Hanfic” page. At that time, it consisted of five eras featuring ten slots each. The Hall of Fame now has seven eras with twenty slots each.
  • The eras mostly follow Hanson’s album releases with two exceptions. The This Time Around Era actually covers 1999 and 2000, as the year long drought during the wait for “Album X” was a defining time for the fandom. Likewise, the loooooong wait for Underneath (2001-2003) is considered the Strong Enough To Break Era. Even though MOE isn’t really a “new” album, it’s time for a new era for sure!
  • Although there are now 140 slots, there are actually 264 individual stories featured.
  • Roughly 57% of the Hall of Fame slots are filled by het stories, 21% cest stories, 11% slash stories and 11% gen stories.
  • These stories were written by 118 individual authors. The most stories featured by any one author is six.
  • Seventeen authors have stories featured in more than one era’s list.
  • Twelve stories in the Hall of Fame have titles that are derived Hanson song lyrics. Two also use well known quotes from the boys, and two others reference Oklahoma and Tulsa.
  • Only two titles appear more than once in the Hall of Fame. Stay appears in the Middle of Nowhere era, written by Pamella, and in the Anthem era as part of the Salvation Series by Calla and Diamond. Lost Without Each Other is both a trilogy by Kerry in the Underneath era and a single story by KT in the Anthem era.

I dunno about you, but that sort of stuff fascinates me. And if you’re like me, and fascinated by stats and trivia and so forth, you’ll definitely want to read the updated “Intro to Hanfic” now that it features slightly more accurate/up to date information and an additional section on the Anthem era.

Check it all out and check back soon for my next fic review!

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