PTH needs YOU… to help with the Hall of Fame!

PTH needs YOU… to help with the Hall of Fame!

I think that title says it all, doesn’t it? In case it doesn’t, let me tell you a little more.

Right now, the Hall of Fame is a pretty disorganized list of broken links tacked onto the end of the Intro to Hanfic page. Part of my project for June is to get both of these sections fixed and separated onto their own pages.

However… the Hall of Fame is proving difficult. I’m working to fix all the links and make sure all stories are in the most accurate era possible. I’m also expanding each list to twenty, because it’s just so hard to narrow it down to only ten. The Shout It Out era is my problem. This is the era I’ve been the most involved in, so it’s hard to be objective. So I’ve compiled a list of about sixty of the “top” stories, and made them into a survey for you guys. I already have a few stories of my own chosen, but your input will really help me to choose the rest.

The survey is pretty simple. Just select your top ten stories from the list. I’d prefer each person to only choose ten so that the votes don’t get spread out too far for the survey to be useful for me, but it’s fine if you choose a few more or a few less. If I’ve left off a story you’d like to vote for, there’s a spot at the bottom for you to type it in. The survey is totally anonymous and I won’t be publishing the results. Ready to take it? Great! Just click on the link below.

Take the Hall of Fame survey!

And just in case you aren’t familiar with some of the stories listed, or you’d like a refresher, here is the full list with links whenever possible, below the “read more” thingy.

The Album Series
Along For The Ride/Hitting The Blacktop
And I Waited
As We Know It
Audience of One
Avenues Series
The Basement Tapes
Because It Plays My Favorite Song
Before It Breaks
Best Kept Secret
The Breeders
Caught in the Sun
Changing The Mirage
Closet Case
Darling, I Want To Destroy You
Don’t Stop Me Now
The End of Forever
Flawed Design
Full Count
Hammer Price
Heads or Tails
The Homecoming Series
If I Don’t Kill Him First
If I Fall
If They Only Knew
I’m Not Your Anything
In Praise of the Vulnerable Man
The Innocents
Is It Too Late?
Lessons of a Laundry Mat Attendant
Letting Go is the Hardest Part
Life Less Ordinary
The Listener
Love and Other Socially Acceptable Emotions
The Miscalculation
Never Be The Same Again
Perfect Fit
Pockets Full of Dust
Portrait of a Damaged Family
The Silent One
Sisyphus Rising
Something To Believe In
Songs Left Unsung
Sweetest Downfall Series
Teacher’s Pet
Thief of Forgotten Mistakes
Truth is a Whisper
What Didn’t Happen
Under Dust Painted Skies
Untying the Gordian Knot

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