More updates!

More updates!

I didn’t get a chance to add these earlier in the week when I added the new reviews, but I’ve been working on some pretty exciting new updates for the site.

First of all, I’ve updated the directory. I took out several duplicate links, but I’ve added some new ones as well — and I do mean new! There are some great new stories linked there, and the total links are now over 3800.

But before you all run off to check that out…

A few days ago, Abby sent me a PDF of her story Guilt. You might recognize it as one of the ones she’s been working on republishing. However, she decided to leave it as is and sent me the PDF with the note that I could do whatever I wanted with it. After printing it out and rolling around in it*, I decided to upload it here for you guys! I’ve also added three of Dusty’s stories — Pretty Piece Of Flesh, Retrospective Itch, and Slick Haze Mirror — which she has decided to make available again. So if you’ve missed being able to re-read those four great Zaylor stories, or if you missed them entirely the first time around, go check them out in the Story Archives.

And come back in a few days for some holiday spirit in the form of hanfic!


*I didn’t actually do this. Or did I?

One thought on “More updates!

  1. Please thank Dusty on my behalf — I absolutely loved Pretty Piece of Flesh. Her story makes you feel something real about the characters, as opposed to having the characters tell you what they feel and hoping you invest in it.

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